Sunday, February 28, 2010


I happened to have taken two midterms this week and did horrible on one of them. I haven’t found out the results of the math midterm yet but im sure I will find out soon. And I decided to talk about this because I was talking to one of my friends and, this was after the soc. exam, I said I feel like I did pretty well on that. Well I was wrong.

This weeks blog is about what its like to feel like you did good, but in reality you did horrible. I figured that I probably didn’t do that well because I didn’t study for the exam. So I do take the blame and I shouldn’t be mad at nobody but myself. Which I am, im actually extremely pissed because I have very little room for failure. So me doing bad on this exam really hit me that I have to start doing well in his class just so I can, at the least, get an C.

While I was talking to my friend after we walked out of the math exam I said that the exam wasn’t as hard as I thought. This exam unlike the other I did some studying. So maybe that’s why it felt as though it wasn’t as hard. But like I was saying I was talking to one of my friends and I told him that if I did bad on that exam I would walk out of the class and not think anything about it. Well my friend said he would make a big ass scene and well im not about making scenes so I said you go ahead and do that.

Throughout the conversation we realized that we shouldn’t go through with our plans because we would miss out on notes and a possible quiz. Even though we had realized that if my instructor gives back my exam and I don’t like the grade then im still leaving and will return the next day like nothing ever happened. Yes this is bad on my part but I wouldn’t want to stay in that room that would just piss me off beyond belief. To have failed and then stay in that class. But hopefully I did good and don’t have to worry about that.


  1. I hate midterms!! I cannot stand taking up my entire week to study for one exam. It is so annoying. Sometimes my friends are out having fun and I have to stay home and study. I hate how much the exam is worth like why can’t it be worth less. I wouldn’t have to stress out about taking the exam. The math midterms are the worst. Because of how must they weigh. Like homework is only worth two points while the math exams are worth like 200 points and you have like 3 of them. I mean really it all comes down to that test. There are also only like 20 questions on that exam.

  2. I certainly understand how one's enthusiasm for learning can wane, Hillblogger, should one fail a test in the subject. However, don't you feel that you would be making it that much harder for yourself by removing yourself from a class period on top of a bad test grade? I know that this may seem easy for me to say, but sucking it up and showing you can't be dragged down is your best option.

    Of course, this situation calls to mind why I liked to hand out papers (before I did all my marking through Carmen) at the END of class.

  3. I too hate midterms and exams, because if you have a bad day and then you go into a midterm or exam you dont have the right mindset and will most likely do bad. I have two math midterms that i have taken and still havent even seen my scores because ive been sick and havent been going to class to pick the midterm up. And i thought a midterm was just one not like 5 that we have in math!