Monday, February 8, 2010

Choose your friends wisely

This week I decided to talk about the people that others associate themselves with. Including me, there are a few people that I hang out that always do their homework and get good grades. So I figured that I surround myself around a good crowd of people. But I realized that the only reason why I really hang out with these people is because I am not a social person. But even though I have a good crowd I still manage to wait until the last minute and fuck up. I usually fuck up because I determine myself how important something is by my own standards and then decide rather I want to do it or not. This is bad because this is the reason why I didn’t go to class last quarter.

The reason why I talk about this is because of the saying “ you are who you hang with” or something of that nature. I can`t agree with this completely because I have a good group of friends. But I am lazy and I know people who will not do anything unless they have their school work done. I cant do that because I easily get distracted and find other things so that I have a reason to not do homework. This is bad because I need to get my grades together I cannot afford to fuck up any more.

This is my blog because that quote is saying a lot about some people or very little about others. That makes me wonder if I decided to hang out with people who didn’t do anything would I look at them and then decide to do my homework? At the same time the people that I surround myself with do think in a similar way as I do. Maybe I don’t hang out with enough people that are serious about school.

Another scenario is this one chick that I knew. She hung out with a bunch of smart people that really cared about her and wanted her to do real well. The sad thing is even though she had this strong group of friends she managed to drop out of high school. She then got her G.E.D and then dropped out of college twice. Eventually she started hanging out with people who didn’t care about school as much as she didn’t but in the end I don’t think who you hang out with that determines who you are its what you do with your life.


  1. A very thoughtful topic, Hillblogger. I like the directions you are going with this blog.

    I would suggest the report card be your post's photo and the links have more to do with giving examples/illustrations/of what you're talking about. A good place to give such an example would be the line "if I decided to hang out with people who didn’t do anything." Is there a movie clip or famous group you can link this too that shows what you mean?

  2. True, I kind of agree with you on this. For it does seem like no matter who you surround yourself with things still don’t go the way you think they would. Although it can work, if the people that you have surrounded yourself with care’s enough. To force you to do your homework weather you like it or not. A good friend is one in my book who pushes you to become better and not give up on you or let you through yourself away. A good friend should want to see you succeed at your work. Those are the kind of people I try to surround myself with so that when I want to give up on school they push me to keep going.

  3. These last couple of snow days started out as something I was excited about but after getting back into class Ive realized how these snow days have been negative. I got lazy during these snow days and fell behind on the school work. I learned that even though on days you cant make it into actual class doesn't mean that the actual work doesn't stop. I have to keep up the school work no matter what, class or no class.