Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Snow Days

I wasn’t sure what to write about in today`s blog so I will go with snow days. I will talk about how snow days are a blessing and sometimes a bad thing. I wonder what it must be like for an instructor to have to cancel everything that they had planned for the day. That must really suck but I guess like the rest of us they just have to get over it.

Snow days are a great thing especially when you don’t do your homework. Or if you need extra time to study for something. Don’t get me wrong I don’t do either on snow days. Well except for this one exception. But my snow days are filled with me doing a bunch of nothing and a lot of eating. If I were the student that I should be then I would take the extra time to do something school related.

Something that I do wonder about is what instructors do on their day off. Do they go out in the snow and play. I mean I guess if they have kids they might. What about those who don’t have kids. Well I’m sure that they find something to do to keep entertained. Maybe they just sleep all day like some of their students. I would, at the same time though I’m not a teacher. That’s just a random thought that I have had especially since this school year is the most snow days I had since middle school. My high school didn’t close ever so most my teachers were happy that they get to punish us and its cold outside. But that is not like that in college they close campus in the middle of the day.

The only problem that I have with snow days is that they sometimes come at a late time. For example this past Monday I had to get up and drive to Newark from Columbus and it was cold as hell outside. Then when im there I go to one class and stay up there all day, until 2:30, then found out that campus was closing at three. Don’t get me wrong I was thrilled when I found out. I almost proposed to the woman who told me even though I didn’t know her. But the director of the campus knew that it was to snow a whole lot and yet and still let people come to the campus. The drive home was horrible the traffic was bad and the roads weren’t even visible.


  1. I feel you man, you gotta love snow days but they can suck at the same time. Like when the teachers just email you the homework and want it to be done by class when you didn't even think you would have any since class was cancelled so you just go snowboarding or play in the snow and get screwed in the end. I bet teachers do get pissed from them but they have to like them at the same time. I was driving on the roads too that day and they were terrible but at least afternoon classes were cancelled!

  2. i feel your pain on these snow days half the time i wish they would just let us know like the night before instead of making people wake up 7 or 8 AM to see not a single car in the lot. We might as well get use to the snow cause another storm will hit this weekend.

  3. i know what you mean . I also live in Columbus, and the roads were so bad. The roads in my neighborhood have not been plowed since the first snow storm and my car is pretty low, so i hate having to drive thinking my muffler is going to get ripped off. I enjoy the fact that we get to miss school, but i hate the idea when teachers e-mail you all of the work. Usually on snow days i just chill at home and play some Xbox, because i dont have much work sent to me on snow days.. Were suppose to get another snow storm this weekend, so i hope we miss school again. haha.

  4. Oh my goodness, i also wonder what professors do with their days off when we have snow days. Do they just sit at home at gradeour papers. Even though i absoughty love snow days i feel as though i am so left behind when it comes to the work we need to do in all our classes. I just really hope our professors will understand most students do not do anything on snow days and they will allow us to make up our work. I believe winter quater is the hardest cause it gives us so many oppurtunties to not want to come to class wheather the snow is plowing down, or we just do not feel like going out in the freezing weather. I enjoyed reading this blog because it is something we can all relate to who has taken this quarter. I overheard we have has more snow days ever in history and that makes me kinda excited and nervous at the same time. Oh well, spring quarter is coming up and hopefully we can all show up to class with a big cheesy smile on our face.

  5. What do professors do on snow days? Allow me to peel back the curtain: we actually trudge through the snow to a glen where we meet other teachers from all grade levels. First comes the ceremonious chanting and dancing. The words are spoken in a language known only to teachers, who are taught upon getting their first class. It would be too disturbing to translate, as there are many graphic descriptions of battles between "good" and "bad" students. Then, after performing a ritual sacrifice of fatted calf meant to represent Old Man Winter, we feast. The night ends with a terribly violent snowball fight.

    That, or maybe we catch up on reading, grading, and Wii playing.

    Oh, and snow shoveling.