Monday, March 15, 2010

No Mo` Bloggin`!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Final blog is about blogging in general. What it does and how it has been useful or not useful. The blog will be about those who use blogs and why they possibly use them. If there is any significance in blogging or not. Trying to determine what the reason for blogging.

Blogging is a good way for people to talk to others about all types of things. Movies, food, school, work, etc. etc.. But does it really serve a purpose that benefits everybody. Probably not for the reason not everyone uses blogs. Blogs can help those that want to find certain things out. There are a few blogs that do help with that. A lot of blogs are mainly opinionated and don’t offer as much information as other resources would.

I have done blogging before. But it wasn’t something that I would keep doing. It doesn’t serve that much of a purpose because it is basically a chat that is slow. From my experience it was pointless but that was only because I had to do it for a grade. It was very stressful and time consuming. Trying to come up with a topic to talk about every week is very hard. Especially when you don’t have an interesting topic.

The reason why people may read blogs is to find out other ideas on different things that are going on in the world. There are so many blogs that people do about different things. And everybody has a different opinion. Therefore people may read blogs to find others that share their opinion or go against what they think. This would be a very good way for people toconversate or debate. This could bring people together or divide them.

If there is any significance to blogging in general that depends on who you ask. Blogging does not benefit everybody because everybody doesn’t blog. This would be an example of no significance towards blogging because they apparantley don’t need it. But for those who do blog it could be significant. In my case it was very significant because I had to do it for a grade. That may seem like a bad reason to blog but I did it. This let me see what blogging was about. In my case I wouldn’t blog just for fun because I wouldn`t remember to do it. There are those who do enjoy blogging because it lets them share their views and gain other ideas also.

Blogging in a way requires a lot of attention. There are people who do get on peoples blog and comment. This is the way that people communicat with one another. If someone isnt checking their blog then they will not be able to comment back. If they don’t comment back then they can lose a fan base. This is a problem because if you don’t have anybody looking at your blog then what is the whole point of writing a blog?

Blogging can be good but if the person isnt willing to keep checking up on their blogs and take the time to try to gain an audience then they shoudlnt be doing a blog. Unless its for class. So blogging rather it’s a good thing or not is up for debate. Only for the reason that it does have different ways of helping. At the same time the information may not be credible.

College Resume

When college starts a lot of people have different ways of looking at it. There are those who see it as a place of new beginnings or they may see as though its how they will achieve what they want. These are both good ways of looking at it. But what people sometimes don’t realize is that its not all that easy for when you graduate college. The post “A memo for college freshman: Envision now a job-getting resume when you graduate” posted by Bill Coplin is a helpful way to not go through that.

The post by Coplin explains very well of what it takes to have a job right after college. So people don’t have to worry about struggling when they graduate. Coplin speaks about a student that is not named and what she did while in college. There were five things that one could do throughout college that would make a person have a good resume. As the student did in the post: Get a part-time job on and off campus, summer jobs or summer internships, community service and other volunteer work, participation in student organizations, and get off campus and study abroad.

The first question that had came to mind was how does doing all this help a student decide what they want to do. Assumingly, this post was made for someone who has an idea as to what they want to do. So these five steps are very useful. But at the same time people don’t always go to college knowing what they want to do. So Coplin brings up good points but to pressure a freshman to go through this could be very demanding. At the same time doing these things could help find what a person wants to do. The steps in the post sound more like someone who knows what they want to do.

Coplin refers to five different steps that helps one have an good resume when they graduate. The first step was to have a part-time job on and off campus. This is very demanding for one person to go through. To be able to balance two jobs and homework. That is very stressful on someone who isn’t even that adjusted to college that well. Coplin states that this shows commitment and skill mastery (coplin). That makes sense especially for someone who is able to do that.

The second step is summer jobs or summer internships. These are helpful because during summer break making money is always a good thing. Not all internships are paid but hopefully one finds one that does pay. This way a person can get experience and get paid. This step is a step that is less stressful for the reason that its not during the school year. The only problem would be those who go on family vacations every year and wouldn’t be able to work. Coplin in the post explains that this step helps with experience and trying to find out what you want to explore in college.

Step three is community service. This is not only good for the college student but at the same time it helps the environment and others in need. It shows that a person is more than just a good test taker and paper writer (Coplin). Depending on what the service is this could also help build a persons character and help them develop other skills that could help them in college and the work place.

The first three steps aren’t that stressful except for the first one. Yes, community service could interfere with having a part-time job during the school year because the person is only some many hours in which they aren’t doing anything. Having a part-time job while in school is hard for the reason the student is trying to work and do homework. So doing community service would have to be the last thing and that’s only if the student has made time to do it.

The fourth step to having a good resume for when one graduates is participating in different school organizations. This can interfere with having a part-time job and community service along with homework. At the same time it does show a persons time management skills if they can handle all this. All this is still very stressful for a freshman. To be able to do all of this as a freshman is an extraordinary talented student. In the post the whole point of getting involved is so that the student can take leadership roles (Coplin). This is good because being able to develop leadership skills is very important but to take on a task like that as a freshman is very bold.

Step five was to study abroad. This apparently is for the freshman who is looking down the road. Coplin compliments studying abroad by relating this to be able to have good problem solving skills and work ethic (Coplin). This is true but not all people want to leave the country. Not all people find it necessary to leave the country to test out their work ethic and problem solving skills.

These steps that were provided in the post were all good for a freshman to think about. But to actually go through with it is asking a lot. That is because there is a transition from high school to college. Not everyone will follow this because it can be very stressful to have to do all that. Having a part-time job on and off campus is a lot especially with homework in the fraction. The summer job or internship isn’t as stressful but at the same time these are usually for those who know what they want to do. Yes, it does help one decide what they want to explore but it is still a lot for someone to think about. Community service is helpful because it shows that you can do stuff without being paid for it and that you are good at it. But it still is a lot to balance with homework and a job in the equation. Participating in different school organizations is another stressor just because it is something that requires a lot of attention. Then traveling abroad s for someone who is ready to move on from the other four.

The Beginning

My first day of college, was a new experience for me. It all started with my mom waking me up at five thirty in the morning. She didn’t want me to be late. So I woke up and waited until she got out of the restroom so I could go in there and get cleaned up. So while waiting I reached over to my tray that sits next to my bed to get my remote. I grabbed my remote and turned the television on. My television was an old television so I sometimes had to turn it on several times because it would cut off as soon as I turned it on. This irritated me a little but I didn’t pay too much attention to it. I was still trying to get some more sleep before I had to get out of bed.

When my mom finally got out of the restroom I still laid in bed a few minutes. It was hard for me to realize that I had to get up extra early all over again to go to school. My summer break was so long and I could sleep to at least eight o clock before I had to go to work. I slowly got out of bed taking the warm covers off of me. When I finally pulled them off, the cool morning breeze that filled the house hit me hard. So I sat up in bed and looked at the television, I was channel surfing trying to see what was on. After going to the restroom I did a few other things of no importance and decided to head to school.

My first class was at eight o` clock. I left the house an hour early because I live forty five minutes away and decided that if I get there in enough time then I can walk around and try to find my class and not have to worry about being late. I left the house feeling good about finally going to college. So I got in my car and left for The Ohio State University at Newark. At first I thought it would be a long drive and that I might not make it to class on time, but I was wrong. It is a long drive none-the-less but you find out that it is a lot shorter than you wish. At least the drive to class is; although, the drive home can sometimes take forever. It is also a boring drive because there really isn`t much to look at. There are passing cars a few houses and maybe a horse and a cow here or there.

Another part of my first day of college experience was the in-between classes part. In-between classes I met up with some friends from my high school and we would chill until we had to go to class. I also met some new people. This was the part of college that was easy, I didn’t have to do anything but relax and be myself. The people that I had just met for the first time were very nice and cool. At the same time we didn’t really see eye-to-eye right away. Eventually we became real good friends and we hang out all the time at school. The friends that I have help me get through the first day of college because it wasn’t completely a boring day with them their.

The day ended well and I headed home. My first day of college was officially over. Except that I had homework. I didn’t mind because it let me know that I was in college and the fun has ended.

Sunday, March 7, 2010


Getting ready for finals can bring about two different feelings. People start feel nervous because they don’t want to take the finals. And others get excited because some type of break is right after it. Whether its winter break, spring break, or summer break.

I personally feel anxious because im just ready to get out of class and chill for a little bit. But I was really anticipating spring break. Not because im going on some trip or anything because im not. I just want spring to be here. This winter weather was horrible this year and I couldn’t wait until the weather got better. So like all my other spring breaks im not doing anything. I know a lot of people that go out of town for their spring break but im broke.

As a freshman you would think that I would be more excited about spring break. Like I said earlier I don’t do anything on my spring break. Its too short and I need longer than four days. That’s not even really a break its like a long weekend. But its cool because the weather will be good and I can stand school in better weather. I don’t know what it is but during the winter quarter I just wasn’t motivated and hated driving to Newark in the cold. But now all that will hopefully change.

A conversation that tends to happened towards any end of the quarter is what is your schedule. Nobody really asks what are you doing for break. I personally don’t ask either because I really don’t care. But I sometimes get in the conversation. I usually don’t talk about spring break just because I don’t do anything. I sometimes talk about others schedule but not really because I usually don’t look for people when im at school.

The best conversations are the ones about the finals. I love those conversations because some students have no confidence what-so-ever. Its funny because people worry their ass off and complain about the professor. I usually don’t complain about my professors except for one. But that’s a different story. I don’t complain just because I believe that if I mess up then its my fault. But that’s just my opinion.

Sunday, February 28, 2010


I happened to have taken two midterms this week and did horrible on one of them. I haven’t found out the results of the math midterm yet but im sure I will find out soon. And I decided to talk about this because I was talking to one of my friends and, this was after the soc. exam, I said I feel like I did pretty well on that. Well I was wrong.

This weeks blog is about what its like to feel like you did good, but in reality you did horrible. I figured that I probably didn’t do that well because I didn’t study for the exam. So I do take the blame and I shouldn’t be mad at nobody but myself. Which I am, im actually extremely pissed because I have very little room for failure. So me doing bad on this exam really hit me that I have to start doing well in his class just so I can, at the least, get an C.

While I was talking to my friend after we walked out of the math exam I said that the exam wasn’t as hard as I thought. This exam unlike the other I did some studying. So maybe that’s why it felt as though it wasn’t as hard. But like I was saying I was talking to one of my friends and I told him that if I did bad on that exam I would walk out of the class and not think anything about it. Well my friend said he would make a big ass scene and well im not about making scenes so I said you go ahead and do that.

Throughout the conversation we realized that we shouldn’t go through with our plans because we would miss out on notes and a possible quiz. Even though we had realized that if my instructor gives back my exam and I don’t like the grade then im still leaving and will return the next day like nothing ever happened. Yes this is bad on my part but I wouldn’t want to stay in that room that would just piss me off beyond belief. To have failed and then stay in that class. But hopefully I did good and don’t have to worry about that.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Staying on track

This weeks blog is about keeping on track. I have been in college for almost two whole quarters now and well each time I tend to fall off at the end. This is a real problem because I seem to do it every year that I have been in school. I don’t know if im just lazy or what.

I decided to make this my blog because I really need the help to staying on track. Im not saying that I cant do it on my own because I can. But, I would like to hear some ideas from other people. I guess it is more of a staying motivated problem. I know a lot of people who manage to get 3.0s all the time and they have different ways of staying motivated.

This one person that I know says that the way she stays motivated is because she looks at school as though its her job. I liked that because I know when im working Im really not doing anything but what im supposed to get the job done. I would love to be able to have that mentality about school. If I had that type of mentality I would be a 3.5 student. But my problem is that if I don’t feel like im getting rewarded for my performance than I lose motivation. I mean I do like getting good grades but grades don’t pay my phone bill. I guess if I try to focus on the long run then that may help.

Some one else also told me that their motivation is what they want to achieve in the future. They have the mind set that they have to succeed or they cant accomplish all the goals they have. I mean that is always a good way to look at it. But like with the last suggestion if it isnt an immediate reward then I don’t feel the need to do the work. This is bad because I really cant imagine myself ignorant and without a good paying job. Plus I enjoy learning its just hard for me to do homework because I don’t focus on school what-so-ever at home.
I hope that no one has the non-motivational problem that I have. If you do how do you get through it?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Snow Days

I wasn’t sure what to write about in today`s blog so I will go with snow days. I will talk about how snow days are a blessing and sometimes a bad thing. I wonder what it must be like for an instructor to have to cancel everything that they had planned for the day. That must really suck but I guess like the rest of us they just have to get over it.

Snow days are a great thing especially when you don’t do your homework. Or if you need extra time to study for something. Don’t get me wrong I don’t do either on snow days. Well except for this one exception. But my snow days are filled with me doing a bunch of nothing and a lot of eating. If I were the student that I should be then I would take the extra time to do something school related.

Something that I do wonder about is what instructors do on their day off. Do they go out in the snow and play. I mean I guess if they have kids they might. What about those who don’t have kids. Well I’m sure that they find something to do to keep entertained. Maybe they just sleep all day like some of their students. I would, at the same time though I’m not a teacher. That’s just a random thought that I have had especially since this school year is the most snow days I had since middle school. My high school didn’t close ever so most my teachers were happy that they get to punish us and its cold outside. But that is not like that in college they close campus in the middle of the day.

The only problem that I have with snow days is that they sometimes come at a late time. For example this past Monday I had to get up and drive to Newark from Columbus and it was cold as hell outside. Then when im there I go to one class and stay up there all day, until 2:30, then found out that campus was closing at three. Don’t get me wrong I was thrilled when I found out. I almost proposed to the woman who told me even though I didn’t know her. But the director of the campus knew that it was to snow a whole lot and yet and still let people come to the campus. The drive home was horrible the traffic was bad and the roads weren’t even visible.