Monday, March 15, 2010

The Beginning

My first day of college, was a new experience for me. It all started with my mom waking me up at five thirty in the morning. She didn’t want me to be late. So I woke up and waited until she got out of the restroom so I could go in there and get cleaned up. So while waiting I reached over to my tray that sits next to my bed to get my remote. I grabbed my remote and turned the television on. My television was an old television so I sometimes had to turn it on several times because it would cut off as soon as I turned it on. This irritated me a little but I didn’t pay too much attention to it. I was still trying to get some more sleep before I had to get out of bed.

When my mom finally got out of the restroom I still laid in bed a few minutes. It was hard for me to realize that I had to get up extra early all over again to go to school. My summer break was so long and I could sleep to at least eight o clock before I had to go to work. I slowly got out of bed taking the warm covers off of me. When I finally pulled them off, the cool morning breeze that filled the house hit me hard. So I sat up in bed and looked at the television, I was channel surfing trying to see what was on. After going to the restroom I did a few other things of no importance and decided to head to school.

My first class was at eight o` clock. I left the house an hour early because I live forty five minutes away and decided that if I get there in enough time then I can walk around and try to find my class and not have to worry about being late. I left the house feeling good about finally going to college. So I got in my car and left for The Ohio State University at Newark. At first I thought it would be a long drive and that I might not make it to class on time, but I was wrong. It is a long drive none-the-less but you find out that it is a lot shorter than you wish. At least the drive to class is; although, the drive home can sometimes take forever. It is also a boring drive because there really isn`t much to look at. There are passing cars a few houses and maybe a horse and a cow here or there.

Another part of my first day of college experience was the in-between classes part. In-between classes I met up with some friends from my high school and we would chill until we had to go to class. I also met some new people. This was the part of college that was easy, I didn’t have to do anything but relax and be myself. The people that I had just met for the first time were very nice and cool. At the same time we didn’t really see eye-to-eye right away. Eventually we became real good friends and we hang out all the time at school. The friends that I have help me get through the first day of college because it wasn’t completely a boring day with them their.

The day ended well and I headed home. My first day of college was officially over. Except that I had homework. I didn’t mind because it let me know that I was in college and the fun has ended.

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