Sunday, February 28, 2010


I happened to have taken two midterms this week and did horrible on one of them. I haven’t found out the results of the math midterm yet but im sure I will find out soon. And I decided to talk about this because I was talking to one of my friends and, this was after the soc. exam, I said I feel like I did pretty well on that. Well I was wrong.

This weeks blog is about what its like to feel like you did good, but in reality you did horrible. I figured that I probably didn’t do that well because I didn’t study for the exam. So I do take the blame and I shouldn’t be mad at nobody but myself. Which I am, im actually extremely pissed because I have very little room for failure. So me doing bad on this exam really hit me that I have to start doing well in his class just so I can, at the least, get an C.

While I was talking to my friend after we walked out of the math exam I said that the exam wasn’t as hard as I thought. This exam unlike the other I did some studying. So maybe that’s why it felt as though it wasn’t as hard. But like I was saying I was talking to one of my friends and I told him that if I did bad on that exam I would walk out of the class and not think anything about it. Well my friend said he would make a big ass scene and well im not about making scenes so I said you go ahead and do that.

Throughout the conversation we realized that we shouldn’t go through with our plans because we would miss out on notes and a possible quiz. Even though we had realized that if my instructor gives back my exam and I don’t like the grade then im still leaving and will return the next day like nothing ever happened. Yes this is bad on my part but I wouldn’t want to stay in that room that would just piss me off beyond belief. To have failed and then stay in that class. But hopefully I did good and don’t have to worry about that.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Staying on track

This weeks blog is about keeping on track. I have been in college for almost two whole quarters now and well each time I tend to fall off at the end. This is a real problem because I seem to do it every year that I have been in school. I don’t know if im just lazy or what.

I decided to make this my blog because I really need the help to staying on track. Im not saying that I cant do it on my own because I can. But, I would like to hear some ideas from other people. I guess it is more of a staying motivated problem. I know a lot of people who manage to get 3.0s all the time and they have different ways of staying motivated.

This one person that I know says that the way she stays motivated is because she looks at school as though its her job. I liked that because I know when im working Im really not doing anything but what im supposed to get the job done. I would love to be able to have that mentality about school. If I had that type of mentality I would be a 3.5 student. But my problem is that if I don’t feel like im getting rewarded for my performance than I lose motivation. I mean I do like getting good grades but grades don’t pay my phone bill. I guess if I try to focus on the long run then that may help.

Some one else also told me that their motivation is what they want to achieve in the future. They have the mind set that they have to succeed or they cant accomplish all the goals they have. I mean that is always a good way to look at it. But like with the last suggestion if it isnt an immediate reward then I don’t feel the need to do the work. This is bad because I really cant imagine myself ignorant and without a good paying job. Plus I enjoy learning its just hard for me to do homework because I don’t focus on school what-so-ever at home.
I hope that no one has the non-motivational problem that I have. If you do how do you get through it?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Snow Days

I wasn’t sure what to write about in today`s blog so I will go with snow days. I will talk about how snow days are a blessing and sometimes a bad thing. I wonder what it must be like for an instructor to have to cancel everything that they had planned for the day. That must really suck but I guess like the rest of us they just have to get over it.

Snow days are a great thing especially when you don’t do your homework. Or if you need extra time to study for something. Don’t get me wrong I don’t do either on snow days. Well except for this one exception. But my snow days are filled with me doing a bunch of nothing and a lot of eating. If I were the student that I should be then I would take the extra time to do something school related.

Something that I do wonder about is what instructors do on their day off. Do they go out in the snow and play. I mean I guess if they have kids they might. What about those who don’t have kids. Well I’m sure that they find something to do to keep entertained. Maybe they just sleep all day like some of their students. I would, at the same time though I’m not a teacher. That’s just a random thought that I have had especially since this school year is the most snow days I had since middle school. My high school didn’t close ever so most my teachers were happy that they get to punish us and its cold outside. But that is not like that in college they close campus in the middle of the day.

The only problem that I have with snow days is that they sometimes come at a late time. For example this past Monday I had to get up and drive to Newark from Columbus and it was cold as hell outside. Then when im there I go to one class and stay up there all day, until 2:30, then found out that campus was closing at three. Don’t get me wrong I was thrilled when I found out. I almost proposed to the woman who told me even though I didn’t know her. But the director of the campus knew that it was to snow a whole lot and yet and still let people come to the campus. The drive home was horrible the traffic was bad and the roads weren’t even visible.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Choose your friends wisely

This week I decided to talk about the people that others associate themselves with. Including me, there are a few people that I hang out that always do their homework and get good grades. So I figured that I surround myself around a good crowd of people. But I realized that the only reason why I really hang out with these people is because I am not a social person. But even though I have a good crowd I still manage to wait until the last minute and fuck up. I usually fuck up because I determine myself how important something is by my own standards and then decide rather I want to do it or not. This is bad because this is the reason why I didn’t go to class last quarter.

The reason why I talk about this is because of the saying “ you are who you hang with” or something of that nature. I can`t agree with this completely because I have a good group of friends. But I am lazy and I know people who will not do anything unless they have their school work done. I cant do that because I easily get distracted and find other things so that I have a reason to not do homework. This is bad because I need to get my grades together I cannot afford to fuck up any more.

This is my blog because that quote is saying a lot about some people or very little about others. That makes me wonder if I decided to hang out with people who didn’t do anything would I look at them and then decide to do my homework? At the same time the people that I surround myself with do think in a similar way as I do. Maybe I don’t hang out with enough people that are serious about school.

Another scenario is this one chick that I knew. She hung out with a bunch of smart people that really cared about her and wanted her to do real well. The sad thing is even though she had this strong group of friends she managed to drop out of high school. She then got her G.E.D and then dropped out of college twice. Eventually she started hanging out with people who didn’t care about school as much as she didn’t but in the end I don’t think who you hang out with that determines who you are its what you do with your life.

Monday, February 1, 2010

This blog will be about the expenses of college life. First of all the main expense is the college tuition. That is the problem with plenty of people that I know because sometimes financial aid doesn’t always help. In my case my mom had to take out a loan to pay for my first year. This was a problem because my mom said I had to pay back the loan. This is going to be a problem because I don’t know what my financial situation will be like when I graduate from college. Also next year I have to take out another loan in my name because my mom doesn’t want to take anymore loans.

An expense is friends. Friends are very expensive because hanging out isn’t always free. Sometimes you may feel like you want to go out and do something like go out to eat. Going out to eat is very expensive unless you going to McDonalds. Nobody wants to go out to McDonalds on the weekends. On the weekends people want to go out to the movies, the clubs, or something else that cost a lot. Going to college means that all your money will be spent on food at the college. This is a problem because college food is expensive and sometimes not even that good.

Books are also an expense. The books in college are not cheap. Even the used books are expensive. Even though you can turn in the books at the end of the year this doesn’t help your case at the beginning of the year. The worst part is that you don’t even get all your money back. This is a problem for me because I need as much money as I can possibly get. Like some other students I don’t work during the school year so my money disappears pretty fast if I don’t save like I should.

An expense that I would like to talk about is apartment living. No I don’t live in an apartment myself, but I have heard that, that can be hectic also. Rent being due can be a big problem especially if you had to spend money on food. A few people I know tell me that they have to go to their parent’s house a lot because they don’t always have the money to financially support themselves. This poses a problem for me because I eventually want to move out and I really don’t want to stay in dorms. It doesn’t seem like an experience that I really want.