Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Staying on track

This weeks blog is about keeping on track. I have been in college for almost two whole quarters now and well each time I tend to fall off at the end. This is a real problem because I seem to do it every year that I have been in school. I don’t know if im just lazy or what.

I decided to make this my blog because I really need the help to staying on track. Im not saying that I cant do it on my own because I can. But, I would like to hear some ideas from other people. I guess it is more of a staying motivated problem. I know a lot of people who manage to get 3.0s all the time and they have different ways of staying motivated.

This one person that I know says that the way she stays motivated is because she looks at school as though its her job. I liked that because I know when im working Im really not doing anything but what im supposed to get the job done. I would love to be able to have that mentality about school. If I had that type of mentality I would be a 3.5 student. But my problem is that if I don’t feel like im getting rewarded for my performance than I lose motivation. I mean I do like getting good grades but grades don’t pay my phone bill. I guess if I try to focus on the long run then that may help.

Some one else also told me that their motivation is what they want to achieve in the future. They have the mind set that they have to succeed or they cant accomplish all the goals they have. I mean that is always a good way to look at it. But like with the last suggestion if it isnt an immediate reward then I don’t feel the need to do the work. This is bad because I really cant imagine myself ignorant and without a good paying job. Plus I enjoy learning its just hard for me to do homework because I don’t focus on school what-so-ever at home.
I hope that no one has the non-motivational problem that I have. If you do how do you get through it?


  1. A good question to ask, Hillblogger, is why you are in college in the first place. (Of course I mean that everyone should ask this question, not just you.) I agree that motivation to finish can be difficult to manufacture, but even more important to engender is the motivation to participate. If we think of school as a series of nouns--books, papers, grades, diploma--then it's hard to see the point of the day-to-day. If, instead, we see school in terms of verbs--growing, learning, debating, discovering, negotiating, revising--then it is our desire to be involved in these activities that make us true scholars, no matter what an individual grade may say.

  2. Look it, the only way to get through the quarter is to tell yourself that failing is a weakness. And every weakness is bad. I will not accept that into my life.

    When someone is trying to quit drinking and has just one more beer- then they are weak. If someone is on the nicotene patch and lights up one more cigarrette than they are weak. When someone is trying to quit a job because it is "too hard" than they are weak.

    The only way to get through college life is to say no to watching American Idol instead of studying. Say no to the temptation to sleep instead of going to class. Say no to weakness. The only way to get through college is to just say no.

  3. I know what you mean man. Early in high school I was getting very good grades, but toward the end i started to slack off. Some of my loss of motivation was due to working, but i still think i should have done better. Looking back at high school now makes me wish i tried harder. When i get home from school now, i also have no motivation to do my work. Next quarter i plan to set school as my main priority because i know doing all the work now is going to pay off later in life.