Sunday, March 7, 2010


Getting ready for finals can bring about two different feelings. People start feel nervous because they don’t want to take the finals. And others get excited because some type of break is right after it. Whether its winter break, spring break, or summer break.

I personally feel anxious because im just ready to get out of class and chill for a little bit. But I was really anticipating spring break. Not because im going on some trip or anything because im not. I just want spring to be here. This winter weather was horrible this year and I couldn’t wait until the weather got better. So like all my other spring breaks im not doing anything. I know a lot of people that go out of town for their spring break but im broke.

As a freshman you would think that I would be more excited about spring break. Like I said earlier I don’t do anything on my spring break. Its too short and I need longer than four days. That’s not even really a break its like a long weekend. But its cool because the weather will be good and I can stand school in better weather. I don’t know what it is but during the winter quarter I just wasn’t motivated and hated driving to Newark in the cold. But now all that will hopefully change.

A conversation that tends to happened towards any end of the quarter is what is your schedule. Nobody really asks what are you doing for break. I personally don’t ask either because I really don’t care. But I sometimes get in the conversation. I usually don’t talk about spring break just because I don’t do anything. I sometimes talk about others schedule but not really because I usually don’t look for people when im at school.

The best conversations are the ones about the finals. I love those conversations because some students have no confidence what-so-ever. Its funny because people worry their ass off and complain about the professor. I usually don’t complain about my professors except for one. But that’s a different story. I don’t complain just because I believe that if I mess up then its my fault. But that’s just my opinion.


  1. I am so excited for this quarter to be over! It is not that I had any hard classes it is just I hate winter a lot. I could live without it. The only thing good about winter quarter is the whole month of December off before it starts. I wish we had that for spring break. Spring break is extremely short. I wish it was longer like you said you would go somewhere if it was longer. I will probably stay at home since I only have a week to do something. I wanna take finals to get over with this quarter but I don’t want to take them cause that means this week I will need to study like crazy.

  2. I cant wait for spring break either. I need a break from school and time to relax. I can relate to your description of cold weather, I also lose motivation for school and I hated driving through the snow storm we had. Im also glad the weather is finally warming up. I didn't get to skateboard much in the winter, but now the weather is suppose to warm up again. I also agree with you that it does suck having such a short spring break.

  3. Personally I feel every break no matter how small is great. I always look forward to a little r and r. This spring break it looks like I’m headed back to my home town of Toledo. At least for half of the break, because I haven’t seen some people in a while, I’m not home sick or anything. Just want to see what’s going on in some people’s lives. I can relate with your weather statement though I definitely am going to be more motivated to do my school work now that the weather is getting nice. That way I can have the rest of the day to enjoy myself with whatever I want to do.