Monday, January 11, 2010


Welcome, in this blog I will be talking about everyday life as a college student. I will be talking about show I felt on my first day of school and I will get other experiences from others. This way I can compare and contrast what people outlook on college is before they start and when they start.

Something else I will talk about is the people in college. When I talk about this I will be comparing them to high school. This way I can see how people have changed or stayed the same. From my experience people stay the same. That could be good or bad I don’t know. At the same time it could be bad because it may show immaturity and that people cant adapt to their new environment. That is also another subject that will be touched in this blog. The change from high school to college.

I would like to talk about the transition from high school to college because it was a difficult task for me. I wonder how others managed to do it or if they struggled like I did. This would be good to know because it will let me know that im not the only one who had a hard time trying to get used to this college stuff.

Other college related topics will be brought up and discussed those are just a few to get started with. I know that when it comes to college there is a lot of stuff that goes on in a persons life. Not just at the school, but at their home. I know that people have friends that they want to hang out with and they have jobs that they have to go to. This blog will help me gather information about others and help me better myself as a student so that I can do well in college. I want this to help me because I want to learn from others. Maybe I can learn something and at the same time whoever else that sees this blog may learn something also to better themselves.

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  1. Wow, Hill. A great perspective and some great plans.

    I'd like you to work on sentence combining in the future--try making your sentences more complex.

    Good luck!