Monday, January 11, 2010

First week of College

The first week of school was a different change of setting for me because there was way more people than at my high school. This was different for me because I’m not a people person. So it was hard transition because if I don’t know some one I wont talk to them unless they talk to me first. This wasn’t as much of a problem this year because I had friends who were already at Newark a year before me. This made the challenge of meeting new people not a challenge because he would introduce all his friends to all his friends.

Also along with the first week of school there was the thing of getting used to your classes. This wasn’t a struggle because my classes in high school were alike. They didn’t really go through the introduction of students. They did attendance then started on the lesson. So getting used to the instructor was easy because I didn’t have to do anything but go to class and do my work.
The first week was supposed to be the time for me to get adjusted to college. This did not happened because I was still surprised by how much free time I had. Some days I could leave at twelve and this was something that I wasn’t used to. Being able to leave when I please was a good feeling. Also this was a bad thing because if I ever felt lazy about anything then I wouldn’t go to class. This was a big problem for me because that is when I found out that even though some instructors don’t take attendance you should go to every class every day because it is easy to fail. But that is a different topic.

The first week was not as bad as I may make it seem but it was a transition that I was not prepared for. So now I know and in my second quarter of college I can say that I am a little more adjusted to college than I was last quarter. I can also admit that I am not completely adjusted yet.


  1. Nice read. I certainly agree that tha transition from high school to college has it ups and downs. So many awesome things get accustomed to and stuff like that. As a fellow college student living in dorms, I can say I kno tha feeling my friend. But in tha end after all tha kinks r outta tha way, it is pretty damn sweet isn't it?

  2. This is also my first year of collage life. I think collage was overwhelming. I thought that I was going to have more free time and that classes were going to be cake. I was completely wrong. Collage is tough and after my first quarter I learned I have to have self disipline. I needed to be at every class and have to put in all the work. It also gave me a second chance to start over beggining the second quarter. I have a chance to do much better this quarter after not doing so well my first quarter.

  3. I was overwhelmed my first week of classes away from home. In my case, I never recovered, as I was never able to keep my own schedule (without parental prompting) at age eighteen.

    I concur with Shooter, Hill. This reads pretty well. You got a god thing going here.